Christ Centered

At WSCS, we do not believe that being Christian compromises the ability to provide a world-class education. Our academics are high-quality and taught with a biblical worldview thanks to teachers that see the world with a Christian lens and impart that information to their students.



Each student should be pushed to reach their full potential. We have planned our curriculum so that students are challenged, yet supported through developmentally appropriate scaffolding. High school students have the opportunity to earn college credit through AP courses, dual-enrollment and a wide variety of enrichment courses.



Being a student at WSCS means you never want to miss a day of school. We do all we can to make the experience of school one that you will never forget. Our Upper School has a vibrant and thriving student life department that ensures students are stakeholders in their community. Our Lower School students are excited to attend and enjoy multiple enrichment classes a day, led by master teachers. Our ELC is unique in that they engage in hands on experimentation and learning in our STEM Den and sing in music classes. WSCS is an exciting place to be each and every day thanks to our students and teachers.


Our Programs


Early learning Center

Our Early Learning Center is for students 3 years old through Transitional Kindergarten. These students are in self-contained classrooms with specialty courses every day from our ELC STEM Den and Arts Courses.


Lower School

Our Lower School consists of Grades K-5. Every Lower School class is self-contained and receives enrichment classes from speciality teachers in small classrooms that provide individualized instruction.


Upper School

Our Upper School consists of Grades 6-12. Each student has the ability to receive a world-class education that prepares them for four years of college as well as opportunities to grow socially that prepare them for life.