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    LOWER SCHOOL (K-5): Happy New Year! We are excited to see our students continue to grow this semester.

    UPPER SCHOOL (6-12):  


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    WSCS upper school students visit historical sites in Boston, MA

    Office staff lend a hand to serve ELC students and families for Thanksgiving

    K-12 students participating in the annual Veterans Day Chapel

    ELC students explore the touchscreen computer in the STEM Den

    ELC students explore what it's like to dress up as different occupations

    Jasmine Dennis contests a serve as part on the varsity women's volleyball team

    The middle school cheer team with Coach Broughton win 1st place

    The Lions Blog

    May We Never Lose Our Wonder

    As we enter the Christmas season, I am often reminded of my own childhood days…the anticipation of Christmas morning Before daybreak, my brothers and I would bound into the living room area to see what Santa had brought.  Eyes wide with wonder and excitement, I recall just staring for a moment, trying to grasp the fact that the doll house I asked for was THERE! The beauty shop set was set up and waiting for the first appointment. Sometimes it took a few moments to understand that the gifts were all MINE! These were GIFTS, and even I knew that I had not been a good little girl all year. Even though I was smart enough to k... continue reading