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    EARLY LEARNING CENTER: The Daddy Daughter Dance is coming up on February 10th. Sign up early to save on tickets!

    LOWER SCHOOL (K-5): Mark your calendars for the next Parenting a Lion event. February 6th at 7:00PM Pastor Chris Lawson from Reynolda Church is our guest this month. There will be childcare available for the event (K-5). We will also have dessert and coffee.

    UPPER SCHOOL (6-12): Check out our athletic calendar to stay up to date on all of the basketball games taking place!  


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    WSCS upper school students visit historical sites in Boston, MA

    Office staff lend a hand to serve ELC students and families for Thanksgiving

    K-12 students participating in the annual Veterans Day Chapel

    ELC students explore the touchscreen computer in the STEM Den

    ELC students explore what it's like to dress up as different occupations

    Jasmine Dennis contests a serve as part on the varsity women's volleyball team

    The middle school cheer team with Coach Broughton win 1st place

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    Failures Should Lead to Questions

    I have spent some time reading about questions lately. When engaging a problem, it is important to address questions rather than statements. Questions will stimulate conversation and opened ended discussion that will facilitate learning. Statements are definitive, and often stop the thinking process and the problem solving progression. Lower School students ask questions naturally, as we get older we often transition to statements. If you had the opportunity to attend the Science Extravaganza, hopefully you were able to visit our new MakerSpace in the high school building. Students and parents alike were challenged with task of deli... continue reading