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    On February 25th, 12 of our high school students traveled to Boston for the 2016 WSCS Class Trip.  The students visited a number of historical sites such as Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere's House, the USS Constitution, and of course, Fenway Park.   

    Jordan Spencer recently gained admission into the Savannah College of Art and Design. His acceptance adds to an impressive list of offers and scholarships for our senior class, including Miami, NC State's College of Engineering, UNC-Charlotte & High Point.


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    WSCS students visit Boston

    Office staff serving at the ELC Thanksgiving lunch

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    Manners Matter

    When I was younger I was moved by popularity, athletes, pop stars, and other cultural icons. As I matured, I became moved by intelligence. Knowledge in action was impressive to me. As I continue to grow and mature, I am more often moved by kindness. As you look at the list of the fruits of the spirit, kindness is the only aforementioned characteristic that you would find listed. I simply believe that a well mannered and kind student will have skills that will last a lifetime.   School culture is important, and creating a culture of manners and respect is unfortunately becoming a counter cultural endeavor. With bullying an... continue reading