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    SUMMER CAMP IS HERE! Register now for Camp Courage or one of the speciality camps at https://wschristian.campbrainregistration.com/


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    WSCS students visit Boston

    Office staff serving at the ELC Thanksgiving lunch

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    Summer Activity

    I hope our WSCS family is having a great summer. Campus is busy with summer camps, upper school athletic workouts, and school improvements. If you are in K-8th grade checkout WSChristian.com for summer camp opportunities. Here is a little summer break challenge for our students. 1. Limit technology - read books, go on a hike, have a family game night, have a pillow fight. 2. Delay gratification - let students be hungry, bored, let them have nothing to do. It is in this time of "boredom" that they best learn to create. A bored kid is a great path to a creative kid, it may just take a little whining. 3. Set limit... continue reading