Upper School


Quality Staff

Our upper school teachers bring a love for the Lord, their students, and their subject. They take seriously the calling to equip students academically and spiritually for the future phases of life. Advanced degrees and teaching experience are the norm for our upper school staff. The understanding of the need for a Biblical worldview drives the academic pursuit. Our teachers challenge our students to think from a distinctly Christian worldview, understanding the world we live in and developing a sound Biblical mind.


Rigorous Academics

56% of our upper school students take AP Courses, and these courses are available as early as 9th grade. Our students don’t rest on their laurels, but are pushed to excel and reach their highest potential. WSCS is a school that requires effort and work, but the results of hard work are nothing short of amazing.


Intentional Culture

At WSCS, we don’t seek to just let culture grow, we cultivate it. Our goal is to shape and grow the next generation into leaders that we can’t wait to send into their next phase of life. We do this through academics, athletics, and a thriving student life program.

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Creative Instruction

One of the amazing things about private education is the freedom it gives our teachers to meet our students’ needs in a variety of ways. We can implement creative instruction so that our students can learn not only in the traditional and classical methods, but also employ new and exciting techniques and methods. Our students get the best of both worlds.


College Bound

We do everything we can to make the experience of selecting and applying to college a smooth process.

We are excited of offer Family Connections to our 8th-12th grade families this year. Family Connection is a web based program that is linked with Naviance™, a service that is used by school counselors to track and analyze data about students’ college and career plans. Learn More