Get the FULL Experience


Our upper school takes several experiential learning trips beyond the classroom. Taking our juniors and seniors to see The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway in New York City was a great experience this year. They enjoyed the culture, had an appreciation for the story, and valued the experience. Many of our students were exposed to “firsts” on this trip. First flights, first trip to the Stock Exchange, the 9/11 Memorial was a moving exhibit for a group of students that have only experienced the event as an episode of American History. It was an amazing experience, and WSCS continues to create opportunities for travel and experiential learning.

The Broadway experience was the part that stuck out to me. Our seats provided a great view of one the longest running Broadway shows. Off to the side of the stage, there was another small group sitting with an “obstructed view” ticket. The ticket was cheaper because the seats had a partial view of the stage, but the lack of view greatly short-changed the experience. As the show ended I slid away and sat in the seat to envision the experience. I heard the patrons talking about the disappointment in their experience. As I replayed the acts in my mind, it quickly became apparent that an obstructed view resulted in a partial experience. I thought of this through the lens of Christian education. Being involved in a Christian school allows us to fully educate a student, avoiding a partial education, and the inevitable disappointments that coincide with that experience. How can you talk about truth without talking about The Truth? How can you talk through shame and disappointment without addressing the joy of forgiveness? At WSCS we have the privilege to educate from a Biblical worldview, allowing students to experience the full view of an education. A college prep experience, a Christian worldview, and a greater understanding of transitioning to adulthood and the workplace. After comparing the seats between a full experience and a partial experience, I am more convinced of the value of the Christian education that is offered at WSCS. I am thankful for the people, experiences,  and opportunities that provide our students with an amazing opportunity. So, if you are ever in New York City, don't settle for the partial "obstructed view," it's just not the same experience.

Dr. Bryan Wolfe