Dress Code 2019-2020 Announcement

I remember playing baseball as a young student in elementary school. I was a terrible player, but I made the team, and I couldn’t wait to wear the orange and black or our local Orioles! The black pants, orange top would be all that I would wear for the coming weeks, I belonged, and I wanted everyone to know. Every team is quickly identified by the clothing and branding that they wear, and it is our goal to show the city that our team is Winston Salem Christian School


Winston Salem Christian School is transitioning to an independent Christian school, and taking the opportunity to create a recognizable brand. This transition is leading us to pursue a uniform for grades K-12. I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the reasons behind this decision, and then we will follow up with a clear explanation of the uniform for students.


  1. We are on a team, team Winston Salem Christian School. As an independent Christian School we want to create a recognizable brand in the community of Winston Salem and beyond. A uniform allows us to market our school through the look of our students, introducing our school to more families in the Triad.


2. We have a broad socioeconomic spectrum at our school. A uniform helps create a level playing field for students. While we are partnering with Lands End to provide a uniform, we will also communicate opportunities to follow the spirit of the dress code and purchase options from local stores if you desire a more economical start to this process.


3. Simplicity in expectations. A uniform store provided by Lands’ End will make it very clear what students may and may not wear. (Please see attached PDF) This allows WSCS to clearly communicate expectations and promote a professional and modest look for our students.


4. Our upper school students continued to push the boundaries last year, and this took away from needed academic time. After meeting with our student leaders, they acknowledged the issues of a dress code, and the need for changes due to our student body not complying with previous expectations.


I want to thank parents, teachers, and students that helped weigh in and create a look for Winston Salem Christian School that will help accomplish the above ideals. We will provide a link to the Lands’ End Store in the coming weeks, but we wanted to communicate this information to you. We look forward to demonstrating a professional look that will pay dividends in the classroom and in preparation for our students’ future. Please see the attached PDF for further details concerning the change in dress code. 

 Dress Code 2019-2020

We are looking forward to a great 2019-2020 school year, and we can’t wait to see you in August!

Bryan Wolfe
Head of School

Bryan Wolfe