Delight in the Lord...

Psalm 37:4 instructs us to delight in the Lord. We live in a world that competes for our delight. Our culture recognizes heroes, individuals who stand out for their actions, and we delight in their accomplishments.  We have trials and tribulations that compete for our attention and steal our delight, but scripture offers a clear formula for delighting in God no matter what the circumstances.


Psalm 37 serves as a blue print to address worry and delight in God.


Verse 2- Know the fate of evil doers

Verse 3- Trust in the Lord and do good

Verse 4- Be Faithful 

Verse 5- Commit your ways to God

Verse 7- Trust and wait patiently


Praying that you are able to trust in the goodness of God, experience His presence, appreciate His help, and bask in his great love for you. It is always a good thing to be reminded of our calling to delight in Him! Look for reasons today to find delight in God no matter what the circumstances you are facing.

Bryan Wolfe