While all the attention goes to 9/11 and its unimaginable heartbreak, I am moved by 9/12. It doesn’t carry the level of remembrance when you invoke the emotions of 9/11, but it represents some of the best attributes present in our country.

I spent yesterday reminiscing and looking at images that flooded our news networks 18 years ago. All of our current students know 9/11 as a historical event; a realization that came to fruition last year when our 11th and 12th graders visited ground zero on a class trip. I have always been moved by the resiliency and perseverance of individuals. Overcoming personal hardship is inspiring, but 9/11 surpassed this because it created a collective response, and a sense of belonging. On September 12th, stores sold out of American flags, strangers embraced out of a common heartache, but more importantly a common resolve.

Fast forward 18 years, and much of the unity is overlooked, and a war still wages in the distance that we #neverforget but seldom remember. My prayer for today is that you are moved by things that unite and a tenacity of spirit that moves us forward. Imagine if we collectively chose to live our lives in the spirit of 9/12. Today as you go about your day, I pray that you #neverforget the response that was present in our country on 9/12. May you look to the individuals around you and see the things that unite you. The commonality we find in scripture provides a unity in Christ that we are privileged to experience each and every day. Praying that Winston Salem Christian School lives out Psalm 133:1; How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

Bryan Wolfe