Character Developing

It is our desire that Winston Salem Christian School‘s athletic program be second to none. This is not, however, measured in wins and losses only, but rather by attitude, motives, and effort. God desires that we run the race to win and run in such a way that He gets the glory. Achieving character development is also paramount to the athletic experience.


Athletics Philosophy

We believe that the principles and lessons learned in the classroom, at home, and through the local church can be put into practice through athletics. Athletics allow the student to develop and use his or her given ability to glorify God. Because the arena of competition is usually surrounded with pressure, the athlete is tested, and the true character revealed. Consequently, the opportunity for character growth readily presents itself through athletic competition. Therefore, athletics at Winston Salem Christian School is considered an integral part of a student athlete’s school experience.


The WSCS Athlete

We believe all WSCS athletes should be diligent in preparation, relentless in effort, disciplined by nature, respectful in action, self-controlled with works, humble in spirit, and aggressive in their pursuit of excellence, without regard to the score, opponent, time, referee, etc. As Christian athletes grow to display these characteristics, good things usually happen: teams are successful, players are motivated, fans are supportive and enthusiastic parents are proud, prospective athletes want to participate, and very often non-believers are drawn to Christ.


Our Coaches

Our coaches will set high standards and provide a demanding atmosphere so that your son or daughter will learn the values of discipline, hard work, teamwork, unselfishness, dedication, mental toughness, and responsibility. This will further develop their skill level and allow them to play up to their God-given potential.


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