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Recent News

Our ELC is excited to celebrate Easter this week. Join us on Thursday for our Easter parade, Easter chapel, and Easter lunch. Students will be dressed to impress as they parade around the ELC to cheers of parents. Our ELC offers a safe and caring environment that engages children on a daily basis. Our specialty rooms for Art, play, and STEM make our ELC a unique experience for our students. We currently have limited openings for two year olds and four year olds. 

Our lower school teachers find a great combination of academic challenge and student engagement. Kindergarten provides a great entry point to the lower school journey. Teachers instill academic habits and expectations that will carry students through their lower school experience. This spring, our students will explore the North Carolina capital of Raleigh, and our 5th grade will explore the world of ecology and biology as they travel to Sound to Sea, a hands on experience on the coast. 

Our students in grades 6-8 enjoy small class size, challenging academics, and the opportunity to earn high school credit during their middle school years. Renaissance festivals, educational days at Carrowinds, and a Washington DC trip are some of the exciting elements of our experiential learning. Students are able to enjoy core classes as well as drama, coding, computers, choir, Spanish and several other electives. Advisory groups, athletic teams, small group, and house meetings allow students to connect on many levels. These relationship building opportunities help create a highly relational experience for our students. Service and leadership opportunities are also carried out within the setting of house and advisory groups. 

Our high school students enjoy a camp experience to start the school year, followed by “House Wars” and homecoming to create an active student life. Academically students have the potential to pursue 9 Advanced Placement classes throughout their high school experience, creating the opportunity to earn 27 college credits while a student at WSCS. A college counselor that walks you through the college process is an added value as you navigate high school. We look forward to seeing everyone at Prom on April 13th, and our Seniors are headed to Orlando at the end of April to celebrate the culmination of their senior year! 

We are excited to offer a full summer experience for students in grades K-8. An interactive and lively camp experience is open to anyone in the community. Our information is available on line, and our sign ups will be active by April 1st. Weekly outings, pool parties, and so many hands on activities make our summer camp a huge success.