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May 13, 2019
By Dr. Bryan Wolfe

Our upper school takes several experiential learning trips beyond the classroom. ´╗┐Taking our juniors and seniors to see The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway in New York City was a great experience this year. They enjoyed the culture, had an appreciation for the story, and valued the experience. Many of our students were exposed to “firsts” on this trip. First flights, first trip to the Stock Exchange, the 9/11 Memorial was a moving exhibit for a group of students that have only experienced the event as an episode of American History. It was an amazing experience, and WSCS continues to create opportunities for travel and experiential learning.

The Broadway experience was the part that stuck out to me. Our seats provided a great view of one the longest running Broadway shows. Off to the side of the stage, there was another small group sitting with an “obstructed view” ticket. The ticket was cheaper because the seats had a partial view of the stage, but the lack of view greatly short-changed the experience. As the show ended I slid away and sat in the seat to envision the experience. I heard the patrons talking about the disappointment in their experience. As I replayed the acts in my mind, it quickly became apparent that an obstructed view resulted in a partial experience. I thought of this through the lens of Christian education. Being involved in a Christian school allows us to fully educate a student, avoiding a partial education, and the inevitable disappointments that coincide with that experience. How can you talk about truth without talking about The Truth? How can you talk through shame and disappointment without addressing the joy of forgiveness? At WSCS we have the privilege to educate from a Biblical worldview, allowing students to experience the full view of an education. A college prep experience, a Christian worldview, and a greater understanding of transitioning to adulthood and the workplace. After comparing the seats between a full experience and a partial experience, I am more convinced of the value of the Christian education that is offered at WSCS. I am thankful for the people, experiences,  and opportunities that provide our students with an amazing opportunity. So, if you are ever in New York City, don't settle for the partial "obstructed view," it's just not the same experience.

Dr. Bryan Wolfe


April 05, 2019
By Dr. Bryan Wolfe

Dear WSCS Family,

It is with great excitement and anticipation that I announce WSCS’ ability to move forward for the 2019-2020 school year. Thank you for your support and prayers! Please read the official press release, along with the joint statements from Wake Forest University. We have also attached a FAQ Sheet to help address any immediate questions. 

Press Release

Statement from Winston Salem Christian School

Attribution & media contact: Dr. Bryan Wolfe, Head of School, Winston Salem Christian School 

“Winston Salem Christian School (WSCS) is excited to announce that it will remain open at its current location for the upcoming school year and will be taking bold steps in the coming weeks and months to launch as an independent Christian School. God has truly answered the diligent prayers of our WSCS community. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Wake Forest University and Winston Salem First for their willingness to allow us to remain at our current location for the 2019-2020 school year. We are appreciative of Wake Forest’s generosity, support and willingness to help #SaveWSCS by providing a year of transition. Thank you as well to churches, individuals, and corporations from around the country that have donated both financially and through acts of service to support WSCS, and thank you to our faculty who have all signed on for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year! We are excited to move forward with the education and ministry of Winston Salem Christian School, and we look forward to serving families in Christian education into the next 40 years and beyond – #WSCSNext40. Please visit for to enroll students, and receive ongoing updates on our journey.”

Statement from Wake Forest University

Attribution & media contact: Katie Neal, Assistant Vice President, News & Communications, Wake Forest University

“Wake Forest University is pleased that Winston-Salem Christian School will remain in its current location for an additional year. We are glad to partner with Winston-Salem First to provide a solution that supports students, parents and teachers as school leaders plan for the future.”

Statement from Winston-Salem First

Attribution & media contact: Dr. Michael Rakes, Senior Pastor, Winston Salem First

“Winston Salem Christian School has long been an important part of the Winston Salem First community, as our congregation has covered the school with prayer and financial support for nearly 40 years. Earlier this year, our congregation and leadership made the decision to sell our property to Wake Forest and move closer to downtown Winston-Salem so we could reinvest our time, talents and resources into the broader community. We are thrilled to partner with Wake Forest to ensure that Winston Salem Christian School can remain on the existing property for one more year and continue to serve students in the area.”

This is an exciting time, and we will move from a time of fundraising to a time of enrollment. Our current families serve as our best source of advertisement, so please take advantage of the following opportunity and assist us in growing Winston Salem Christian School

  1. Current families that recommend a new family can email and we will waive the application fee for any family that is referred by a current WSCS family.
  2. We will waive $100 from the K-12 registration fee for any new student that is referred by a current family. Your referral allows a family to register at $250 instead of the current rate of $350.
  3. The referring family will receive a $100 credit after the referred family enrolls for the 2019-2020 school year. 
  4. If you are interested in serving as a host family, please email Jane Wallace at to set up a time to talk about the process. 

We are looking forward to growing our school and impacting the local community!

Dr. Bryan Wolfe
Head of School

Greetings from Dr. Wolfe

December 04, 2018
By Dr. Bryan Wolfe

I love this time of year. Thanksgiving is in the rear view mirror, but the feel of gratitude still lingers with the majority of the population. We just came out of a yearly reminder of our blessings, and reasons to be thankful, and we turn our eyes and hearts toward Christmas. 

While Christmas has become overly commercialized, it still represents a series of four weeks that people actually point their attention to the person of Jesus. (Whether intentionally or not) Just this past weekend I was in a busy restaurant and heard over the speakers, “joy to the world, the Lord has come.” 

This four weeks creates a great opportunity to talk about King Jesus arriving as a baby, I pray we are all emboldened during this time to share about the purpose of this baby that came to earth. Please consider introducing a friend to Jesus and Winston Salem Christian School at one of the following opportunities! 

December 6th- Lower School Christmas program
December 14th- ELC Christmas Chapel and cookie decorating
December 15th- Upper School “1940’s Radio Show”
December 17th- Morning Christmas Worship and devotions with hot chocolate and donuts!

School Safety

October 15, 2018
By Dr. Bryan Wolfe

School safety

In response to school shootings around the nation, school safety has become an important aspect of education; in fact, safety is the number one attribute sought in a school by prospective families. Christian education, public/secular, and charter schools are all concerned about the safety of students. We take safety very seriously at WSCS and it is important for us to communicate this with you. We look at safety from the three pronged approach of physical, emotional, and spiritual safety.

Physical Safety

Our locked down facility provides a great structure to provide safety for our students. A single point of entry allows a front desk receptionist to greet families, while utilizing a secure buzzer system for any unknown guests. Our block building provides a high level of safety from natural disasters, and our students and teachers are equipped with a plan of action for potential issues. Once inside, our small environment allows families and students to be known in a personal way by staff that are present on campus, and a dress code that helps identify anyone that should not be on campus. We also have 16 cameras throughout the building and surrounding area that allow us to monitor and review activity on campus. There are 4 locations that have a live feed, as well as administrative access on our phones. All of these elements are in place to provide a physically safe experience for our students and families.

Emotional Safety

Emotional safety is a second layer and understanding to safety. There are so many pitfalls for the emotional safety of our kids, and while there are inevitable emotional scars involved in life, we utilize several outlets to help limit and recover from life’s difficult emotional moments. Mrs. Carden, our school counselor, is active in the conversations with students about the general trials and difficulties of life, offering insight and wisdom for our students from a biblical perspective. Each of our upper school students belong to an advisory group that meets weekly. These advisory groups provide an adult mentor to each student in grades 6-12. Weekly meetings offer opportunity for prayer and discussion. All of our teachers seek to be active in the lives of students, offering encouragement and support to everyone here on campus. Lastly there is a desire to communicate with the home in difficult conversations to ensure there is a clear line of communication between school and family. Perhaps one of the most beneficial elements of emotional safety is our willingness to help students reconcile issues that arise, teaching students the importance of repentance and forgiveness. Teaching students to handle and appreciate differences from a biblical perspective is a vital part of what we do!

Spiritual Safety

I often say I love Christian education because I know that every adult at WSCS cares about the eternal destination of my children, and all of the students at WSCS. Spiritual formation is the highest calling of Christian education, and it is a high privilege to walk along side of students in their spiritual journey, introducing them to Christ and continuing to disciple them as they mature. Chapel programs, Bible classes, and academics that are developed from a Biblical worldview provide a spiritual foundation from our ELC through 12th grade. Through all of these venues, students are introduced to the life changing grace of Jesus Christ! 

This three-pronged approach to safety allows us to take a holistic view of our students and the safety provided here on campus. Every day we are blessed with the opportunity to love, care for, and educate nearly 400 students on campus. I hope this understanding of our approach for safety helps you understand some of the provisions from WSCS. Thank you for entrusting your children to our care. 

Have a great week! 

Dr. Bryan Wolfe
Head of School

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