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(6TH - 12TH GRADE)


Our upper school is committed to developing a sense of academic excellence by nurturing intellectual curiosity that will produce life long learners. The first key to our success is our quality staff. The upper school teachers bring a love for the Lord, their students, and their subject. They take seriously their calling to equip students academically and spiritually for the future phases of life. Advanced degrees and teaching experience are the norm for our upper school staff. The understanding of the need for a Biblical worldview drives the academic pursuit. Our teachers challenge our students to think from a distinctly Christian worldview, understanding the world we live in and developing a sound Biblical mind.

Our teachers also challenge our students to behave responsibly. Our students are given freedom, and the expectation of our students is to make right choices, not out of fear of consequence, but out of a developing sense of character and integrity.

Finally, our students are prepared to exit the walls of WSCS ready to engage and influence the world that they live in.