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The WSCS Academic Services program is designed to help students be more successful in the classroom. These intensive opportunities, tutoring, and enrichment options are available for an additional fee. Additional details are available in the school office.

  • Lions Learning Center - WSCS students who desire assistance with organizational skills, accountability, and extra support in academics can enroll in the program.

  • Tutoring - All families interested in utilizing afterschool tutoring services should contact the WSCS office for an enrollment form. Once the form is completed and submitted, a tutor will be assigned, and parents will be notified. The tutor and parent will correspond to determine needs and tutoring schedule. Both parties will sign a tutoring contract at the beginning of services. All tutoring sessions will be one on one and taught/supervised by WSCS faculty or other approved teachers.

  • Student Support Plans (SSP) - Student support plans are designed to assist students that have sought academic testing. Families bring the results to the school, and the school offers accommodations for students that potentially include: Additional test time, use of transcribing technology, assistance in classroom notes, ability to write in test booklets, and booklists for audio books. While accommodations are allotted, there is no modification in the curriculum.