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Why choose Christian education?

Students spend 15,000 hours in school from Kindergarten through 12th grade. That is a lot of time. That means that your decision regarding your child's school is really a 15,000-hour decision. Who will shape your son? Who will influence your daughter? How will God be portrayed? Your choice of school matters greatly and we believe that an excellent education within a Christian school is the best way to prepare your child for their career and life.


Are you accredited?

WSCS is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International, and accredited by Advanced Ed (Formerly SACS). This dual accreditation is held by less than 10% of schools in the nation. WSCS is also a member of the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools (NCAIS).


What are your admissions requirements?

Transcripts, recommendations, an application, and an interview help WSCS identify students that can experience the best success at WSCS. This information may be found on our Admissions Page where we offer online applications.


Do you follow Common Core?

First and foremost, WSCS is an independent Christian school, guided by Scripture, our Statement of Faith, Mission Statement, Core Principles, and Educational Goals. Consequently, our program is academically excellent and biblically based. We train students with knowledge and skills based on the foundation of God's truth and his authority for all of life. Our desire is that our students will aspire to achieve much because they understand the significance of what it means to be created by God for a purpose.

At all times, we endeavor to present a course of study based on biblical truth, sound educational practice, and appropriate standards that inform the instructional program. For many decades, states and professional organizations have put forth standards for various subject areas, offering a scope and sequence of content to be learned and skills to be developed. WSCS remains committed to evaluating standards from a variety of sources, referencing them as appropriate, and adapting them when beneficial to improve our instructional program. Inasmuch as standards help us improve our curriculum, they are useful.

At the same time, we remain aware that some standards do not advance our already well-developed program or our Biblical world and life view. Christian education is distinguished by applying knowledge informed by biblical truth to all of life. Standards alone do not get us to that goal. Thus, our decisions for curriculum development are informed by professional standards, but not driven by them.

Ours is a faith-based mission, which requires us to use Scripture, our Christian perspective as well as our experience, training, and professional judgment when evaluating our educational program. We must always ask, "Are we teaching students to think as Christians?"


Do you have extracurricular activities?

Yes, we believe that education is multifaceted, and we provide many opportunities for students to pursue their God given talents. Extracurricular activities are listed on our Student Life page.


What is your average class size?

Our ELC (Early Learning Center) classes are as follows:

  • 3 year olds are a 1:15 ratio

  • 4 year olds are a 1:20 ratio

  • Transitional Kindergarten is a 1:20 ratio

K-12 classrooms are:

  • 17-20 students on average
    • We will expand a classroom to 28 when we are seeking to add an additional section the following year.


What is your total enrollment?

Our ELC has around 125 students from 36 months old through transitional Kindergarten. Size is an important factor because it allows us to offer specialized opportunities in art, music, technology, stem den, and other extra curricular activities that are specific to a child’s interest.


Our K-12 has around 275 students enrolled this year. The average size of a Christian school in the United States is 165 students (National Center for Education Statistics). This greatly limits what can be offered. At WSCS, we are blessed and privileged to be able to offer a Christian education AND lots of friends to choose from AND a comprehensive list of class offerings, sports, performing arts opportunities, clubs, activities, and more.


Do you offer financial aid?

We have a limited amount of raised support that serves to offer financial aid to our student body. For the 2018-19 school year we will incorporate an outside organization to assist in this process. A link to FACTS will be available on our admissions tab.


Are you affiliated with a church?

We are a ministry of Winston Salem First, and about 10% of our student body comes from this ministry. The remaining 90% of our student body represents more than 90 other churches in the Triad.


I am interested, now what?

Our admissions office would love to serve you. For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact our Director of Admissions, Tempa Cabrera.